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Research Proves: THIS Powerful Spice Increases Weight Loss By 3 Times

It is not easy to fight weight loss. However, there is a magical spice that helps people to start sighting weight loss as well as obesity and heart illness. This spice can increase and develop human metabolism and overall health. This powerful spice is easy to get and available in this real world.



This powerful cumin is used in the powder and chili powder in many market and grocery store. It is a different kind with the cuisine. Cumin can be prepared with all ingredients includes Indian tea. Regarding to this benefit of cumin, medical science university in Iran have been studying and research with more than eighty eight obese women and they were divided into two groups. All obese women consumed the same food and decreased food intake up to five hundred calories. The first group of obese women consumed foods with one tablespoon of cumin and five ounces of yogurt. The second group of obese women didn’t consume spice of cumin. After 3 month trial, the first group of women had lost many pounds rather than the second group. The fat body of the first group was decreased by fifteen percent, which three times more than second group in addition burning powder.

The internal benefit of cumin is very important for human health rather than for research.

If people consume spice of cumin, some harmful fat in the blood system such as; cholesterol and triglyceride decrease up to twenty points in the first group of obese women and decrease five points in the second group of obese women. The women with consume spice of cumin are also have decreased risk of heart diseases and obesity beside burning more calories.
The internal benefits are more important than the results of the study.
The levels of harmful blood fats such as triglycerides and cholesterol decreased by 20 points within the women in the cumin group, while the non cumin group decreased by 5 points. Cumin reaches of phytosterol which inhibit in the cholesterol absorption. It can be increased metabolism temporarily. Regarding to the great benefit of cumin, this is a reason why people should consume cumin in the diet program as follows:
  • Digestion, cumin can relieve stomach ache and gas trouble
  • Diabetes, cumin can reduce and decrease hypoglycemia
  • Asthma, cumin provides vitamin c that benefit to against infection and toxins. Cumin is also can boost human immune system
  • Insomnia, cumin is a good relaxant that helps people who suffer from sleepless
  • Common cold, cumin provide vitamin c that help people to defend and protect the body from harmful toxins and infection
Cumin tea recipes
  • Two hundred fifty ml of water
  • One tablespoon of cumin


  • Add one tablespoon of cumin into a vessel and heat with less heat for ten seconds
  • Fill vessel with two hundred fifty ml of fresh water and boil it
  • Cover vessel for five minutes
  • Strain the mix while still warm. People can add some tablespoon of honey and salt into cumin to add more taste.

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