Salt, pepper and lemon can solve these 10 problems better than any medicine

A lot of people around the world use pepper, salt and lemon to treat various conditions and diseases. The medical care can sometimes be expensive, so a lot of people are trying homemade remedies. Here is how you can use these three ingredients.

Remove gallstones
The solidified stores of stomach related liquids that shape in your gallbladder are called gallstones. They can piece you stomach related framework and can be very agonizing. Very often, they are surgically removed.

Stuffy nose
Just mix black pepper, cinnamon, cumin and cardamom seeds and grind them until you make  apowder. Smell the mixture and embrace the sneeze.

Sore throat
Mix a  fresh lemon juice, half a teaspoon of black pepped and sea salt in a glass of warm water. Gargle a couple of times and prevent coughing.

Weight loss
Just drink 1/4 teaspoon of mixed black pepper, two tablespoons of lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey in a glass of warm water. This way you will speed up your metabolism and start losing weight.

Canker sores
Just add a tablespoon of Himalayan salt in a cup of warm water and wash your mouth after your meals. It will eliminate  the bad bacteria.

Jst apply a lemon juice on a cotton and put it in your nostril and the bleeding of your nose will stop immediately.

Calm down your upset stomach by a mix of black pepper and lemon. Just mix them and drink this mixture slowly until you start feeling better.

Asthma attack
Just mix 10 grains of black pepper, two clove buds and 15 basil leaves in a cup of boiling water. Let it simmer for a few minutes and then strain the mixture in a glass jar. Add two tablespoons of honey and let it to cool down. Keep the mixture in your refrigerator.

Just make a mix of a teaspoon of pepper and clove oil and apply it on your sore tooth.




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