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She’s Had This Weird Lump On Her Back For Years, But When The Doctor Cuts Into It…OMG!!

There are individuals who have had lumps for a long time and they had not realized what was happening in the irregularities, until specialists cut into them. Dr. Sandra Lee, which is a well-known dermatologist used to see pimples. One day, she was really shocked when an older lady came into her office and she had an enormous pimple on the back.

Firstly, Dr. Lee thought that it was a blackhead and after some check ups it turned out the older women had an epidermoid cyst on her back. This type of cyst is also called a keratin cyst. It usually grows from the ectodermal tissue, has a round shape and it looks like blackhead. There is a little sack around the epidermoid cyst and it needs to be taken all out because otherwise it could come back again.

The lady says that she had this cyst for about three years. It was little at the beginning and then it started to slowly develop and grow, until it came to this stage. It was dangerous and dreadful.

Dr. lee have removed the cyst successfully although it did not come out very easy. The women was completely safe, her hole was sewed after the intervention and it all went great. You can find out more about these kind of cysts at the video below:




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