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Soak Chia Seeds To Supercharge Their Metabolism, Weight Loss And Inflammation-Fighting Like Never Before

Not many people will know Salvia Hispanica. It is great species of the Lamiaceae family, flowering plant which found in Guatemala, Southern in Mexico.

This plant is also called Chia. It used as a great energy booster, particularly in ancient years. Chia is also famous as an Indian running-food because of this plant can increase energy in the human body. It is important to know that chia contain of 2x of grain or protein, 5x of calcium milk, 2x of potassium, 3x of antioxidant strength, and 3x of spinach and iron content.


Chia contain of omega 3 fatty acids that excellent and great source of protein. Chia provides the amino acid with soluble fiber. It is also hydrophilic plant that builds mucilaginous gel and absorb of water. Chia rich of antioxidant that can stay very stable and stored for four or five years without losing any flavor, nutrient and odor value.
Chia is very excellent substitute of flax. Chia has pleasant and mild taste, and easily combine with any foods without change any taste inside this plant. Chia can be added with pudding, sauces and butter as well because this plant can displace fat and calorie without change its flavor. People can enjoy eating meals and consume ½ of calorie with chia seeds.

Chia or Salvia hispanica offer great health benefit for people to provide great energy, increase human strength, endurance, blood sugar regulation, weight loss, digestion and sugar absorption. Salvia gel can build a great physical barrier between digestive enzyme and carbohydrate and convert carbs into sugar. Chia is able to retain electrolyte and prolong hydration during the excretion process. It is easy to digest and absorbed when water soaked.

Chia can help people to reduce waste accumulation in the intestines and improve bowel movement as well. Chia is also inexpensive plant. For one bag, chia is about USD 8, and 1/3 of chia seed can be used for seventeen ounces of chia gel for one dollar. Salvia hispanica are also used in various recipes and work in any food perfectly. People can add chia seed in the salad, ice cream, juice, cracker and smoothies.

Chia can help people to relieve diabetes, ibs, acid reflux, weight loss, hypoglycemia, thyroid, lower cholesterol and celiac diseases. Chia with water can be used to absorb any excess acid. It is advisable to consume one glass of water after five minutes because chia is hydrophilic seed. Chia can help people to improve generation issue due high nutritional content. Chia is a very beneficial plant for people who suffer from injuries and it always reform any damaged tissue especially for breastfeeding and pregnant women.

It is very easy to use chia with water soaked. It will absorb easily for nine up to twelve times less than ten minutes. Add 1/3 cup of chia seed into two cups of water. Mix chia seed and leave them in the fridge. Sealed with jar and it will create seventeen ounces of chia gel. People can eat chia gel after ten minutes and nutrient from Salvia hispanica can be accessible. This plant is absorbed in various liquids not only in the water. Chia can be combined well with apple juice and blend with persimmon or bananas. Wait for 10 minutes before eats it. People can use whole chia seeds on granola, salad, smoothies, soup and coffee.

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