Statin Scam Exposed: Cholesterol Drugs Cause Rapid Aging, Brain Damage And Diabetes

Those patients who suffer from high levels of “bad“ cholesterol use statins, which can reduce the risk of having heart issues and lower the harmful levels. Some recent studies have shown that statins can make more harm than good to your body and people that use them will have many worries.


A study made by The American Journal of Psychology shows that statins will make your cells unable to repair properly and they can destroy your memory and create nerve problems. People that regularly use these drugs are having many health issues, such as: muscle pain, liver damage, fatigue, loss of memory, cataracts, etc.


A study made by the professor Reza Izadpanah shows that statins can speed up the process of aging and may have many unwanted consequences and side-effects. On the other hand, FDA says that we should not be scared of them because although they have many side-effects, they are also maintaining effectiveness and safety.


These discoveries have opened up the significance of inquiring about the advantages of physician endorsed drugs, which is ideally something individuals will keep on doing, to remain all around educated and in the most ideal shape. There was a comparative review that opened up many eyes and included the pre-adult upper “Paxil”, which stood out as truly newsworthy when a re-examination of a unique review had indicated inadequate data and uncovered every one of the mistakes. In spite of the fact that, in all actuality, this medication was not found to not be sheltered and effective for its prescribed statistic.




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