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Take This Vitamin to Repel Mosquitoes All Summer Long

All of us love the summer days, sunny beaches and having a good time, but mosquitoes are also part of the summer and a big problem for some of us. If mosquitoes are also a problem for you, you should know that taking vitamin B1 (also known as thiamine) is the best solution for you.


You can find vitamin B1 in foods like eggs, liver, kale, brown rice, etc. Vitamin B1 changes the smell of our body and makes it unattractive for the mosquitoes. However, it does not change the way you smell to other people. You should not worry if you take too much of it because it gets eliminated through urination.

You should really try this because it is natural and does not have any negative effects. Vitamin B1 also has an important role in boosting your immunity and managing stress.

You can take B1 supplements or make your own mosquito repellent by mixing ½ tsp of witch hazel, cooled boiled water, 15 drops of lavender and 15 drops of tea tree oil.


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