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How to Tell If Your Eggs Came From a Sick Chicken (plus how to find healthy eggs if they did)

All people will know eggs and most of them love egg for breakfast. Many people are eating eggs with fried eggs, boiled egg, poached egg and scrambled egg.  Healthy egg often makes a good breakfast. It is important to ware and know how to select egg from healthy chicken. Basically, good egg comes from healthy chicken with great nutrient and enjoyed well feed chickens. Healthy chicken always gets good air circulation, enough free space to grow and move, eat healthy foods and drink clean water. They also free from harmful bugs, rodent and snakes.


So, how chooses a good egg? When you are buying eggs from the local chicken farm, it is important to keep an eye and check this healthy egg characteristic.

  • Egg shell density and thickness.
    When you hold the egg and it is cracked, then you should keep moving. Egg from rich chicken diet is healthy for overall human health because it is stronger of the shell. Healthy egg should be not easy to crack.
  • Egg yolk colors
    Many people are eating eggs with light or bright yellow yolk. It is important to know that egg yolk can be orange color. It is good to check the different yolk egg color to choose various good eggs.
  • Yolk egg thickness
    The yolk thickness is the best part to determine or identify quality of good egg. The yolk egg from good chicken tends to round and thicker. It has good nutrient and taste. Much research shows important information about healthy nutrition for chicken. The research report that the increase of the beta carotene consumption will increase the beta carotene level in the egg itself. Some journal from agricultural-food chemistry report the increase of DHA level can be affected to omega 3 fatty acid levels in the egg.

With the increase of the chicken industry and agricultural, industrial, people can find the right place to get good eggs and have many options for it.

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