The Tennis Ball Trick That Can Relieve Back, Neck Or Knee Pain In Seconds

Experiencing Myofascial pain means feeling hand stiff, knees ache, etc. It usually happens after a muscle has been contracted repetitively and it can put a pressure on sensitive points. Now, you can reduce the muscle pain just by using a tennis ball. It has rubbery elasticity and it can reverse the pain in these areas.


Strained neck
It usually happens after a long day at work when you are not moving enough these muscles. Just lie face-up on the floor and place two tennis balls at the base of your skull. Nod your head up and down in order to allow the balls to nestle into the back of the neck. Then, change the direction by pivoting the head from side to side.


Uncomfortable shoulders
The following exercise can help you with shoulders pain. Just put the tennis ball behind your shoulder blade and lie face-up on the floor. Try rolling over the ball with your shoulder.


Tight chest
Go on the door or wall corner and put the ball below your clavicle. Breath deeply into its pressure and then shift from side to side, allowing the tennis ball to move along your upper chest.


Sore back
You can have back pain as a result of your sitting position, the shoes you wear and your sleeping position. To release the tension just lie on your back over two tennis balls between your ribs and tailbone. Then, shift your pelvis from side to side, making the balls cross over your lower back. Do this for a couple of minutes and breath deeply while doing it.

Aching hands
Put your hand on the top of a tennis ball and your other hand above them to add more pressure. Then, press the ball leaning your entire body weight into the ball. Move the ball horizontally and vertically for three minutes and then repeat this procedure with the other hand.


Bad posture
Lie with your face up on the floow, put two balls on each side of your upper neck and place the hands behind your head. Now bring your chin toward your chest and lift your hips. Take three deep breaths and roll the balls up and down your upper back for up to four minutes.


Aching hips
Just lie down on your side and lean into the ball. Place the ball between the floor and your hip. slow circle 12 times with both sides.


Tender thighs
Just sit in a firm chair and put two tennis balls on the outer side of your high. Then, bend and straighten your knee slowly 30 times and continue with the other side.


Cramped knees
Sit in a chair and nestle the tennis ball behind your bent knee. Contract the muscles against the ball 10 times and relax them. Repeat on both sides.


Sore feet and plantar fasciitis
This is one of the most common muscle pain and it appears as a result of wearing unsupportive shoes. Just stand on the tennis ball placing it under your heel. Roll it up and down so it covers your heel, up into the arch and extending to the ball of your foot. You should repeat this technique for a minute on each foot.




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