They Thought This 5-Year Old Girl Has A Tumor, Until They Shockingly Discovered She Is Pregnant

Lina Medina is a young 5 year old girl. She comes from Ticrapo, Peru. She is a proof that puberty is a weird thing and it can come at any time in your life. This girl was born on September 27, 1933.

Everything was perfect and normal until one day her parents saw that her stomach has an enormous size. At first, they thought that this is some kind of tumor and went to the hospital right away. After some medical checkups, it was found out that this little girl is actually pregnant. This was a big shock for all of them, parents and the doctors.


The medical experts took x-rays of the uterus of the little girl and studied her hormones. It was also found out that the little girl had her period regularly and that it surprisingly stopped. The doctors were shocked and amazed and they sent Line to another hospital for observation. On May 14, 1939, through C-section, the little girl Lina gave birth to a baby boy.

There was not enough space in her pelvis to deliver the baby with 6 pounds, which is usually normal for most babies. The baby was named after the doctor that did the delivery, Gerardo. This event has made Lina youngest mother in the world.


Later, it was suspected that her father raped and abused this girl, so that is how she got pregnant. He was arrested right away, but later he was released because there was no evidence that he did this at all. They never found out who was the real father of this baby. Dr.

Edmundo Escomel announced this uncommon case in the restorative diary La Presse Medicale clarifying the insights about her first period at 8 years old months, sooner than the guardians answered to the specialists. At 4 years old she had a noticeable breast improvement and by 5 her figure showed pelvic extending and advance bone development.

They raised the little baby with the belief that Lina is his sister and told him the truth when he was 10 years old. But, they continued with the normal life. Lina was working as a secretary in the Lima clinic of Liozada. Later, in 1972, she had a second baby, but unfortunately he passed away at the age of 40 because of the bone marrow disease. Lina still lives with her husband in Lima, Peru.




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