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The Top 27 Alkaline Foods On The Planet (Eat More To Prevent Cancer, Obesity And Heart Disease)

We all know that fast food, GMOs and high sugar stuffs are not healthy at all for us. They are dangerous,  have negative effects on our bodies, make us fat and are also disrupting our pH balance. The medical experts says that our body is designed to be alkaline. That means if we eat too much junk food (instead of fruits and vegetables), then we are disrupting our alkaline environment and we make our organism to become acidic, while going against the rules of our nature. Acidic pH valuesaffect our immune function, and make our body prone to ailments.We usually become conscious about the side-effects of junk food too late.


These are the top alkaline foods that help out body performs its functions properly:

∙ Swiss chard         ∙ Grapes∙ Cucumber
∙ Melon                  ∙ Pineapple∙ Parsley
∙ Olive oil               ∙Alfalfa                       ∙ Mango
∙ Flax seed             ∙ Lemons∙ Spinach
∙ Avocados            ∙ Brussels∙ Oranges
∙ Bananas              ∙Sauerkraut∙ Papaya
∙ Berries               ∙ Cauliflower∙ Garlic
∙ Carrots∙ Grapefruit∙ Quinoa
∙ Broccoli            ∙Seaweeds


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