Use THIS Ginger Compress To Reduce Your Waist Naturally

Ginger is a spice rich in antioxidants and it has anti-inflammatory properties. It is great for fat burning and removing the toxins from your body. You can use it fresh or powdered.


You can use a ginger compress to reduce your waist in a healthy and natural way. Ginger compress is actually a cloth soaked in a ginger tea which you apply to your body. It is very easy to make it. Just boil a water in a pot and add half a cup of fresh ginger. Once the water reaches the boil, remove the pot from the heat and put the grated ginger onto a cotton cloth.


You should let it cool a little and then apply this cotton cloth to your body. To hold the heat in, just put a towel over the compress. You should repeat this procedure a couple of times and at least two or three times a week.


To remove body fat you need to use a hot ginger compress since it stimulates your body’s circulation. You cal also add cinnamon to the mixture and slowly massage the body with the ginger compress. You will get rid of accumulated fat cells.


Another important thing to know is that you should never apply a ginger compress on the lower abdominal area of a pregnant woman or on a baby or very old person. And you should never apply it of you have a high fever.




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