Warning: Beautiful Girl Suddenly Died. The Reason – Unbelievable

A pitiful story of a young lady’s passing in Macau has spread on the web like out of control fire. What happened was the young lady began seeping from a few sections on her body and kicked the bucket amid the night. As per the examination comes about, her passing was because of arsenic harming. The dissection report was further explored by an educator from a famous medicinal school. Subsequent to autopsying the young lady’s stomach, the specialist shed new light looking into it. The case was neither suicide, nor manslaughter.



The reason for death was connected to some dietary propensities the young lady had. She had been taking vitamin C supplements and the prior night she kicked the bucket, she ate a great deal of shrimps. As per prior examination by researchers from the University of Chicago, shrimp and in addition delicate shell sustenances contains high measures of five potassium arsenic mixes. In spite of the fact that this sustenance is not dangerous for the body, when joined with vitamin C, it changes its compound structure and gets to be harming. To be more particular, it makes substance response in mix with vitamin C changing over the first non-harmful five potassium arsenic  into a poisonous three potassium arsenic.

As indicated by well-being specialists, arsenic harming can prompt life-undermining issues, for example, loss of motion of vessels, lobule focal putrefaction, heart, liver, kidney, digestive tract blockage, epithelial cell corruption, and telangiectasia. Arsenic harming can likewise bring about dying. That is the reason you ought to never eat shrimps when taking vitamin C supplements.





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