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Warning! Do Not Eat Tuna

The tuna caught from California is radioactive and the bluefin tunas tasted in these water have shown a contamination with harmful radiation from the Fukushima disaster.
The radioactive tuna
The nuclear melt-through happened at Fokushime Diichi plant back in March 2011 and ever since then the radioactive contaminants dumping flow in the ocean is still continuing. The fish coming at this stage are swimming with the contaminants each since their introduction to the world. All the blue blade fishes tried close to the California waters have demonstrated that they are polluted with the radiation started from Fukushima.

The side-effects of contacting with the radioactive caesium
When this happens it has many symptoms, such as diarrhea, vomiting, bleeding, nausea, etc. If they continue happening for a longer period, sometimes it can bring coma or death.

The researches say that the evidence is “unequivocal” which says that the fish got close to San Diego about a year ago and they found to be contaminated with the hurtful radiation originating from Japan’s atomic disaster.

In May, 2012, Wall Street Journal provided details regarding concentrate done by Stanford University. The biologist Madigan said that “the fish bundled up the radiation and after that brought it over world’s biggest sea. Every one of us were completely shocked to see it and considerably more so when we saw it in every one that we quantified.”




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