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Warning…Stop Eating Tilapia ASAP Before It’s Too Late

Many doctors give advice for us related to diet and fish intake because it’s less cholesterol and high protein content. Fish is absolutely healthy and not difficult to digest because it’s rich of omega three and help for people to reduce cholesterol level in the human body. In fact, not all fish are healthy. Tilapia fish is absolutely different kind of fishy with other fish that people should select it to eat wisely.  Tilapia is a white fish and it is cheaper with other fish. Tilapia is mild taste and easy to cook with various recipes. Tilapia is lack of skin and boneless. Many people eat this kind of fish and enjoy.


However, there is a serious problem associated with Tilapia fish consumption. Most of them were not bred in the hygienic and natural habitat. People breed Tilapia fish with unclean water and wild this kind of fish found in fresh water lake and river which feed on algae and plants. Most of Tilapia is selling with non-hygienic food, contain of significant fertilizer that harmful for human and animal. Moreover, people add some harmful chemical to add Tilapia lifespan and reproduction in the container or ponds. Most of Tilapia kept live with low cost food such as; corn and soy. It used for breeding. When we eat Tilapia then there is harmful chemical and significant fertilizer accumulates in the body. It can result serious health problem. The portion of this harmful chemical from Tilapia will exceed the benefit of fish consumption.  The Tilapia fish nutrient is compromised.

Most of the Tilapia fish farm provides non-hygienic condition, unclean water and non-hygienic transport condition of the market. It can affect to coronary diseases, asthma and joint disease, even the carcinogen content of this fish will cause cancer. Due to this condition, people should think again to buy and eat Tilapia include dish with full carcinogen and harmful chemical. For this reason, people should remove Tilapia fish from the diet chart as this kind of fish has no nutrient content benefit to our body.


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