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This Will Shock You – The Juice That Kills Cancer Cells, Treat Diabetes, Gastritis and Lower Blood Pressure !

The juice made from raw potatoes can bring you unbelievable health benefits, even better than modern medications. It can help you in prevention against gastritis, diabetes, hypertension and a lot of other health conditions. This juice has been used over the past centuries and some people believe that it can cure even a cancer.


First you should peel the potatoes, especially the green parts because they contain a dangerous poison. John Lesindzer says that potato juice is the best natural cure for gastritis and that the combination of a tablespoon of fresh potato juice and some water is super efficient, if you drink the juice before your meals.

Professor Kagamine at the Akita University School of Medicine in Japan made a study based on different nutrients in raw potatoes and he succeeded to isolate a single substance of raw potatoes.

There are a lot of health benefits from raw potatoes like detoxification, treatment of skin diseases and stomach issues, cancer treatment, gastritis, immunity boost, etc.

Making a fresh potato juice is very easy. First, you should wash and clean the potatoes, then remove the green parts. Slice the potatoes and squeeze out the juice or just blend them. It is best if you drink your potato juice fresh. You can also mix it with your favorite fruits or vegetables.

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