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This Woman Gives Away A Secret Recipe For The Remedy Against Lung, Breast, Pancreatic, Prostate And Colon Cancer

Shockingly, a huge number of individuals worldwide are determined to have growth consistently. Chemotherapy is greatly harmful and is basically murdering the patient, but then it’s still the main type of treatment for disease.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are both obtrusive and can have various negative consequences for the human body. There additionally happens to be various common medicines that are very viable.



Threcipe-for-the-remedy-against-lunge Russian logical Cristo Mermersky figured out how to make a characteristic formula that has been actualized by a large number of malignancy patients and they all claim to have recuperated because of this progressive formula. This researcher said: “You take the entire formula and the tumor just vanishes”.

It wipes out the cancer-causing cells, cleans your veins, enhances your insusceptible framework, cures your heart, cleans your liver, and also the kidneys. It additionally fortifies the cerebral capacity and quickens the recuperation of individuals who have experienced heart assault.

To prepare this amazing recipe you will need: 15 organic lemons, 12 organic garlic bulbs, 400 grams wheat sprouts, 400 grams organic walnuts and 35 ounces raw organic honey.


Just put the wheat in a glass bowl and cover it with water. Leave it to rest throughout the night. Drain the water after 10 to 12 hours. Leave it to rest like that for a day. Then, grind the wheat and the nuts together and clean the garlic cloves. After this is done, grind 5 unpeeled lemons and mix all of this together.

Squeeze the rest of the lemons and mix it with the previous mixture until everything becomes homogeneous. At the end add the honey in the end using a wooden spoon. Put this mixture into the fridge and leave it there for three days, then take two tablespoons on every two hours.




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