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Women, Do Not Ignore the Symptoms of This “Silent Killer”!!!

The ovarian cancer is more and more common among women these days and the analytics have shown that almost 550 women are diagnosed with it every year.

The bad thing is that more than 80% of these women discover it in its last stage so it is harder to treat it. So it is of a big importance to detect the cancer symptoms as soon as possible, in order to have a bigger chance to successfully treat it and prevent the disease. Here are some of the most common symptoms of this type of cancer. Their early detection can save your life.

Irregular cycles
Some recent researche have shown that the bigger risk of developing ovarian cancer have the women that are older than 55. Although no one is safe from this silent killer and even the young girls who have not received their first cycle can be a victim of this disease.

There are many reasons why bloating may occur, so this is the reason that this symptom is usually ignored. But, the swelling, which can resemble that of pregnant women is definitely an emergency case and you should visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Feeling abdominal pain, nausea or losing weight are also symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Pain during sexual intercourse
If you feel the urge to urinate or have pelvic pain during sexual intercourse is also a strong indicator and you should go to your specialist right away.

Constant tiredness
One of the symptoms of having ovarian cancer is feeling tired most of the time for no reason.




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