18 Household Items You Didn’t Realize Had Expiration Dates

We all know that nothing actually lasts forever and there are some products that we use every day, such as: shoes, car seats, towels and many others and they are not supposed to last forever too. There are 18 things that you have not even imagined have expiration dates.

– Pillows last two or three years. We sleep with them every night, pull them, punch them and roll them until we feel comfortable. This way they can lose its shape and cause neck pain. Using a pillow for too long can also make her a home for dust mites.

– Slippers are footwear all of us use every day. They can make us feel relaxed and comfortable. But, they can also be the perfect environment for spreading many fungal infections if you use them longer than six months. You should wash them in your washing machine or by hand from time to time.

– You should not use sponges that are older than two weeks or poufs that you have already used it for six months. They can breed mold and fungus. You need to boil them in hot water every once in a while in order to eliminate the growing bacteria.

– Towels have an expiration date from one to three years. The damp towels are a perfect environment for bacteria growth. And even if you wash them all the time, they are mostly in a wet state, so this will not help you get rid of this problem.

– You should not use your toothbrush longer than three months. You should also replace it in case you suffer from a cold in order to not get sick again from the germs.

– Although you clean your hairbrush regularly, you should not use it more than a year. It is best if you buy new hairbrush every 7-10 months.

– Perfumes that contain essential oils can last up to three years if they are store closed and two years if they are opened. On the other hand, eau de toilette has an expiration date of four years when store closed and two years when opened.

– You need to replace your latex pacifier every 2-5 weeks, no matter of his condition or how long it has been used. Latex breaks easy and the cracks breed germs.

– The child’s car seats should be replaced every 6-10 years. After a couple of years using it, they can easily change its shape, which makes them not comfortable for your kids.

– Bra has an expiration date of 1-2 years. After some time of wearing it, it starts to lose its original shape and elasticity. So, you may feel it too small or too big. This is the time to start using it and get a new one.

– You should change your running shoes once in a year. After you hit 250-300 miles their cushioning starts breaking down and this can result as a stress in your joints.

– Some spices can last longer than others. For example, ground spices cannot be used if they are already kept more than six months. Some can last even up to three years.

– High-grade flour can be kept for one year, while first-grade flour lasts only for six months.

– You should correct the fire extinguisher as soon as possible if you see some damage.

– We all have power strips at the electrical center of our homes, plugging in the toaster, the electric kettle, the iPod charger, the cell phone charger, the tablet charger, the laptop charger, etc. They also have its limit and should be replaced once their capacity is exceeded. Otherwise, they can cause some serious damages.

– You should replace disinfectants every three months because they usually lose their effectiveness after this time.

– Mosquito repellents have an expiration date of two years. After this time, they become completely useless and you should replace them.


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