These Are The 5 Signs Of Stroke One Should Know Before It’s Too Late!

You are probably thinking that stroke is just an unexpected thing that happens by a health problem in your brain, but that is completely wrong. This is not anything like the ordinary type of issues, and there are some warning sings and several symptoms that can show you when you need to be cautious.


It appears when the blood flow in the brain stops completely and all brain cells are dying rapidly.


Moreover, not only elderly people can suffer form stroke, as the common belief is. In fact, there are more than thirty five people hospitalized due to stroke who are under 65 years old, as claimed in Medicine.Net.

Some of the factors contributing and causing stroke are smoking, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Read below the five warning signs of stroke before it happens and be prepared:

Arm Weakness

When someone is suffering from stroke it usually has an unexpected weakness or passiveness in the body, and it is more commonly on just one side. It is recommended by WebMD to ask the person affected to raise the arms above the head. If it cannot or the other is way too lower than the other then that is your sign.

Severe Headache

If the person and severe and unexpected headache, it can be a symptom that, when combined to others is more serious. These same symptoms can happen when having migrene, so bare in mind that the person needs to know how often this headache appears and whether is unusual. If there is a doubt, aways call for medical help nearby.


One of the symptoms listed by The Stroke Association is the unpredicted confusion. This means that the person cannot understand other people which is not usual thing and is not able to articulate thoughts as it used to.

Speech Difficulty

The ones that suffer form stroke are not able to speak clearly and tend to slur the words. In order to find out if it is stroke ask the person to repeat what they said and clarify if they are slurring, according to Health Line.

Balance Issues

Medicine.Net say that people affected will experience dizziness and problems with balance or coordination. When trying to help, ask if they can touch the nose or walk in straight line.




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