9 Natural Cures For Enlarged Prostate To Shrink It With No Pain

Prostate is located under your bladder and in front of the rectum. It is a small gland and even if it is not essential for life, it is one of the most important reproductive organs. Many people have prostate problems these days, especially people with the age over 50. Ones of the most common prostate problems are inflammation and enlargement.

Having a difficulty to start urinating and very frequent urination are the two biggest cause of a prostate problems. Usually, the patients can experience lower back pain or pain in their legs, feet and hips. There are some natural ways to treat the enlarged prostate problem and down below you can find out more about them.

Make a mix of lemon juice, olive oil, pumpkin seeds and chopped celery root. Mix all of the mentioned ingredients and blend them well. You should take a tablespoon of this mixture before going to bed.
Consume sunflower seeds every day, usually between  5pm and 7pm because your body processes them the best during these hours.
Make a mix of onion bulb and honey and take one tablespoon every day.
Mix 40 drops of alcohol solution and half a cup of hot milk and drink this mixture three times a day before your meals.
Mix 10.5 ounces of boiled water and three tablespoons of grated asparagus. Drink 3.3 ounces every day.
Mix four cups of boiled water and an ounce of chopped pine tree. Strain the liquid and drink this mixture during the day.
Make a mix of boiling water and dry hazelnut. After it cools down, take two tablespoons a day.
Consume 0.33ml of pumpkin oil three times a day. DO this for a month.
Eat quail eggs for two weeks, every day.




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