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It is important to know that the afterlife is a great experience for people who live again after death and share their unbelievable life story. It is an amazing experience of Dr. Eben Alexander, a brain neurosurgeon in Harvard, 25 years old. He didn’t believe at all with physical spirit and after life. Dr. Eben Alexander after life surrounded by colleagues without believing material view of life and in the soul. As well as a skeptic, he believes that afterlife is something imagination product and hallucination. Dr. Eben in coma for 7 days caused by bacteria meningitis. During his coma, he gets experience one journey in his vision for the afterlife.


Dr Eben Alexander wrote his story at new York times with proof of heaven and his book become a best seller book. In his book, he wrote that human life is a test to help people grow their soul and the way to get succeed in doing it by compassion and love. He wrote some notable point in his book, as follows:

  • Dr Eben Alexander after life is a real experience as well as the real experience as human life on the earth. It is artificial dream.
  • Love is the main fabric of afterlife. Human love will dominate everything so humans will raise and evil is small. People should learn and know more about love if they understand the universe
  • All afterlife communication is telepathic. All questions related to afterlife were answered by telepathic.

When Dr Eben Alexander asks him about what everybody want to know about the realm, spiritual, Dr Eben answered that people are loved and precious that they imagine. Human is not alone and always safe. The perfect of love for our God is affecting humanity.

There is no doubt that love is a basic for everything. There is no abstract of love, but now, human know kind of love when they look to their children, spouse and pets. Love is not selfish, jealous but love is a pure powerful form.

That is the reality and truth that breathe and live exist and will exist forever. It will embody in all human activities, said Dr. Eben Alexander. Now, people need to discuss about credibility. His neo cortex during coma was non functional and there is no evidence why he get experience in this case. In the Dr Eben Alexanders book, he gives refutation for nine scientific potential explanations about his afterlife


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