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Kill Belly Fat Cells Instantly Using Ice Packs!The Results Are Amazingly Fast!

Belly fat is disgusting and unpleasant condition because it causes unattractive performance and serious health problem. Many people try to find and get effective way to reduce and kill belly fat. Belly fat can make you narrow clothes and thigh flabby.  Belly fat is also can cause unpleasant and unattractive aesthetic because it can lead risk of health problems such as; diabetes and heart diseases. Nowadays, expert physician and researcher try to discover an effective way to remove belly fat.


It is important to know that there are 2 types of fat include; white fat and brown fat. There are 2 different methods to eliminate belly fat. White adipose is visible as a thin layer in the stomach, thigh, and arms and on our back. The fat tissue work as thermal insulator that maintain temperature in the human body. The newest study report that fat cell can be eliminated by cold temperature. This condition found to prolong exposure to cold conversion of fat white into fatty brown adipose tissues which helps in losing weight. The researcher advisable to set lower temperature for a few hours each day during winter season. The scientist claim that thigh fat and abdominal fat get a brown color during adipose tissue biopsy in the winter months. It means that cold temperature can promote and make conversion of white fat. Many experts said that humans didn’t burn calorie to maintain heat in the human body. During winter month, most people set their home and heat temperature up to 69.8 degree Fahrenheit or 21 degree Celsius, but some university recommend people to burn heat temperature between 62.6-59 degree Fahrenheit or 17-15 degree Celsius.

In many cases, people who slept with temperature 64.4 degree Fahrenheit or 18 degree Celsius after four weeks, they get a double brown adipose tissue, burn more calorie and increase insulin level. It’s called thermo genesis. This thermo genesis divided into 2 types; intense and moderate cold thermo genesis. The intense cold thermo genesis achieved by using trousers and ice vest which filled with an ice-pack. Moderate cold is achieved at home with temperature 50-59 degree Fahrenheit or 10-15 degree Celsius caused by wearing shorts.

An author book, Tim ferries with his book four hour body, explain about burning brown fat tissue concept of low temperature expose. Tim suggests that fat burning can be raised by ice therapy on exercise and healthy diet up to 300 percent. A NASA astronaut describes that there is an effect of temperature for astronaut. He describes metabolism speed up 20 percent in 60 degree Fahrenheit or 15 degree Celsius environment. In every ninety gram brown fat tissue can burn four hundred up to five hundred calories in a day and equivalent with intensive workout for 1 hour. Burning body fat could be stimulated by ice compress for thirty up to sixty minutes in area with fat tissue in the human body. This conversion process of white tissue into brown tissue will improve weight loss. If people combine between regular exercise and healthy diet in their life, then they will get cool skin, remove fat cells and better health than before.

In order to remove fat cell by using an ice pack, you need to prepare think cloth and store in the affected area for a half hour till one hour. This treatment must be done at least 1 times in a day for twelve day treatment. It is important to know that frostbite is a disadvantage of this treatment.

This frostbite can be identified by several symptoms as follows:

  • Pain and redness
  • Insensitive taut skin
  • Insensitive strong skin
  • Blister
  • Numbness of skin
  • Tingling of skin

People should be more careful for ice treatment, especially for those who peripheral vascular diseases with neuropathy, diabetes, smoker, beta blocker and lower blood flow.


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