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Military Diet: Lose 10 Pounds in Just 3 Days

Do you want great results in no time with very strict diet? Then, you will adore the so called “Military Diet.” Like any other diet, you need to be disciplined and follow the instructions so that you feel and the difference.

It is important to know that some of the rules are changeable. For example, one does not eat meat so instead it can take lentils or replace one vegetable with the one he prefers.

The foods that are allowed in this diet are: spices, lemon juice, mustard, non-stick cooking spray, black coffee, water, tea, and sweeteners without any calories. The military diet lasts just three days. By the time you have this diet, you will feel full with energy, boost the metabolism and most important, loose some fat. Take this diet twice after a break of four days, if you have more fat to burn.

Day 1

Your first meal should be one slice of toast, a grapefruit, a tea or coffee, and 2 tbsp of peanut butter. For lunch, take one slice of toast, a cup of tea or coffee and half a tuna. The dinner should be a combination of one cup green beans and 3 oz meat, together with half a banana, an apple and a cup of ice cream. You can take other food instead of banana and it is recommended to take vanilla ice cream.

Day 2

Take one egg, a slice of toast and fruit of your choice (banana) for breakfast. As your second meal, eat one boiled egg, five crackers and one cup of cottage cheese. For your dinner, take two hot dogs without the bun, a handful of broccoli, two or three carrots, half a banana of other fruit of your choice and some vanilla ice cream as a dessert.

Day 3

Your breakfast on the day three should include five crackers, one apple and one slice of quality cheddar cheese. Take one cooked or boiled egg and a slice of toast for your lunch. As your last meal, take 100g of tuna, a banana or other fruit and vanilla ice cream.

Moreover, you must include several physical activities so that the results are visible in no time. Perform exercises that are on the same level as your activity level. In addition, if you have more fat try walking around your neighborhood. However, if you are relatively fit and have some activity try other exercises. Some of your options available are running, walking, swimming, jumping rope or even working on a treadmill.

Bare in mind that you should consult your doctor if you have some kind of medical problems or conditions.

In this Military diet all products are cheap and easily found as well as the steps you need to follow in order to get that desired look.




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