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No More Pills For Your Thyroid Problems, This Is The Solution That Doctors Hide From You

Hypertension is a health issue and it usually happens when the thyroid gland fails in producing thyroid hormone in adequate amounts.

The thyroid hormone secretion is lowered due to its increased function and you are faced with a dysfunction that affects many people. In the world, women are 10 times more likely to suffer from thyroid gland issues, especially if their age is over 35 years.

There are many symptoms and signs of thyroid gland issues, such as: changes in your appetite, nervousness, irritability, chronic fatigue,  difficulties sleeping, hypertension, muscle pain, difficulties conceiving, feeling cold, low libido, dry skin, metabolism disorders, menstrual disorders, neck discomfort, hoarse voice, etc.

The following natural remedy will help you in the treatment of thyroid gland issues. Its preparation is easy and simple and it has absolutely no side-effects.

To prepare the recipe you will need the following ingredients:
– 1 glass container
– 40 green walnuts
– 1kg of organic honey

First, you should wash the nuts and cut them in small pieces. Then, place them in a glass bowl and cover with honey. You should keep them in a place with a direct sunlight and leave them there for about 40 days.

After this time, you should just strain the mixture and your remedy is done. You should consume three tablespoons every day for a week, usually before your meals. After a week, you should consume only one tablespoon a day, on an empty stomach.




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