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What Is the Right Position to Sleep for Each of These Health Problems?

The position we sleep in plays a big role in our overall health. We sleep on average 25 years in our lifetime. But, it is not always important to get enough sleep, but also to sleep in the right position in order to improve the overall health. Every position affects a different body part  and the following nine sleeping positions will help you in the treatment of some issues with your body parts.

Shoulder pain
The best way to treat shoulder pain is by sleeping on the pain-free side with your legs slightly bented. You can also place a pillow between your knees or to your chest.

Back pain
Sleepin position is really important in order to treat back pain. You should sleep in a position that you feel best in and according to WEBMd you should sleep on your back with two pillows. One placed under the curve of your back and the other one under your knees.

The position you sleep in is very important when it comes to headaches. It can make you feel better or worse. You should place pillows everywhere around your head in order to prevent it from turning.

Sinus trouble
If you are one of those people that suffer from a sinus infection you should sleep with your head elevated. Sleeping in this position will prevent the mucus from pooling in the sinuses.


High blood pressure
Sleeping position really affects the blood pressure, as reported by WebMD. They say that in order to lower your blood pressure you need to sleep with your face down.

PMS pain
Sleeping position can alleviate the painful symptoms from PMS. You should sleep with a pillow placed under the knees and this way you will prevent arching of your spine.

Neck pain
Take a small rolled-up towel and put it under the neck in order to give your neck an additional support. This will really help and make a big difference.

Digestion trouble
If you have some digestion issues it is best if you sleep on your left side. This way you will enable the gravity to improve the digestive process.

This is a really disturbing health issue and according to WebMD you should always sleep on your left side in order to treat this condition.





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