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Their Son Lost His Life After Being With His Girlfriend! They Were Shocked When They Find Out The Reason! (All Parents Should Know This)

Julio Macias Gonzales was a 17 year old boy, from Mexico City. His story is really shocking. One day, while he was with his girlfriend he got a love bite from her that got him killed. Namely, the love bite lead to a blood clot which quickly caused a stroke. Julio was having a dinner with his parents when he started convulsing.


Actually, his girlfriend gave him a hickey earlier that day, when they were together and this caused a blood clot that travelled to his brain. The parents of the boy called an ambulance, but his life could not be saved and he died after a short time. The medical experts believe that the suction from the bite his girlfriend gave him caused the clot, which travelled to his brain and caused a stroke.


The parents of Julio are also blaming his 24 year old girlfriend for the death of the boy, but she disappeared after this event. This is not actually the first time a love bite to trigger this reaction. A couple of years ago, a 44 year old woman lost the movement in her left arm after having a stroke caused by a love bite.


In this case also, the suction caused a blood clot, which travelled to her heart and caused a stroke. The medical experts say hickeys are caused when a person sucks on an area of another person’s skin, in most cases the neck. The suction usually causes blood vessels under the skin to burst and this can last up to two weeks. Other than blood clots and strokes, hickeys can also lead to swelling and in this case you should treat them with an ice-pack.




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