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Video: Any Type Of Cancer Can Be Cured In Just 2-6 Weeks

We all know that cancer is a dangerous disease. A lot of us have lost our friends or family because of cancer.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell says that he has found a cure for cancer. He says the treatment he discovered can cure cancer in only 2-6 weeks, without any prescribed medication or conventional chemotherapy.

He started looking for a cure for cancer because a lot of members of his family suffered from this, including his sisters and brother. So, he dedicated his whole life doing a research, trying to find out cure for this deadly disease.

He says that people who have cancer should eat more vegetables because they can give our body a lot of oxygen. He also says that a good way to reduce cancer is taking Vitamin C and E, which can give you an amazing results. You also need to drink a lot of water mixed with sea salt because salt can help you in stabilizing your blood.

In the video below you can listen to Dr. Leonard Coldwell talking about cancer and explaining some effective ways to treat it:



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