Warm Water vs. Cold Water – Which Damages the Health

First thing we want for drinking after waking up is either coffee or cold water. In order to get the most benefits from water, read more to find out whether it is better to drink it cold or warm.


According to some studies the best way to start the day and healthier one is with warm water.

1. Less pains

Warm water can remove any pain and throat swelling, as well as soothing dryness in throat and irritation. It can be very helpful in those days when you wake up having dry throat and you are unable to swallow. If you have cramps in your stomach sip some warm water and the pain will disappear.


2. Better bowels

Journal of neurogastroenterology and motility made a study and claimed that 58% of people have achalasia, when our muscles of lower esophagus cannot relieve. A glass of warm water can help if you drink it before eating since it makes better colon and bowels. Sipping warm water can prepare the body for good absorption of food throughout the day.


3. Better blood flow

If you take glass of warm water the blood flow will improve and blood cell flow will increase. Later on it gets normal and then you get warmer form inside.


4. Weight loss

The vital thing for weight loss is goo hydration, and warm water is of great help. In a study from Journal of natural science, biology and medicine overweighed women were taking warm water. The results show that they all had successfully lowered the weight, BMI and the appetite was lowered.


Why is cold water not good for drinking?

We all want ice cold water in the summer days, but is this the best idea?  Are refreshed and cooled but it has some side effects as well:

  • Taking cold water can reduce hydration and constrict blood vessels
  • It solidifies fats in blood making the digestion of the food harder for our body
  • You increase the energy to heat the body since you are cooled off
  • It produces excess mucus in respiratory tract, makes congestion and throat infections




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