All women’s breasts are beautiful but what your breasts’ shape says about your personality

Women’s breasts are not the only attribute that women have in their sleeve, although these days too much attention paid on the physical look at the people. Here, you can see what your breasts shape says about your character and personality.


1. Refined intellectual
You are thinking fast and you have a highly developed intellect. Stillness and comfort are one of the most important things for you. You do not worry about feelings and you often want to be alone. You are stable and very good at hiding your emotions in front of other people.

2. Independent and born to lead
You are very successful and independent and rarely ask other people for help. You are strong and have a self-control. People think that you are cold and you are a very good leader.

Charmer and adventurer
You are very modern, innovative and extraordinary. You have a wild side and you like adventures. You offend the people around you sometimes because your actions have a hidden purposes.

4. Optimist and a dreamer
You area quiet person that looks at the bright side of the things. You are cheerful and you like to spend time with other people. Sometimes you can offend the people with your humor. You are careful and smart person.

5. Unforgettable and passionate
You are brave and capable to deal with difficult things in your life very easy. Sometime you are careless, but you leave a strong effect on the people around you and you make fast decisions.

6. Reliable and kind
You are a good person that cares about other people. You are seen by other as mysterious, but people like you because you are very kind and grateful.

7. Wise and dignified
You are wise,religious and proud person. You tend to be better in everything. You like to read and you like philosophy. You are a very good friend, but always tend to protect your own interests.

  1. Unusual and creative
    You are very good at evaluating people and sometimes you are melancholic. You do the things on your own way and people like you because of your charm and creativity.
  2. Clean and virtuous
    You are a well mannered person and you believe in your qualities and you know how to judge. Sometimes you are shy and people often ask you for advice.
  3. Charisma and smile
    You are always smiling and you have charisma. You are a fun, communicative person and fantasist about your own worlds and realities.
  4. Full of energy
    You bring positive energy everywhere you go. You are always in the center of attention and you do not like regimes and routines. You live under the motto “Love is all I need”.
  5. Mystery wrapped in an enigma
    People around you appreciate you since they give you serious tasks aware that you will finish them in the right way. You are confident, stable and responsible.


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